Unconditional Love

by Natasha

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about unconditional love. I’ve come to realize that I can only love others unconditionally if I first love myself in that way.  When you think about it, does it not make sense?

Imagine trying to accept others for who they are while being highly critical and judgmental of yourself…

Imagine trying to be compassionate with others while beating yourself up every time you make a mistake…

Imagine trying to forgive others while never forgiving yourself…

Difficult isn’t it?

So with that, I also started thinking about what unconditional love means to me – like how I would define it based on my experiences. Here’s my take:

Unconditional love is love in its highest and purest form, where there is no fear, no judgment and no unrealistic expectations
This kind of love heals and uplifts
This kind of love is given freely, even when it’s not deserved
This kind of love surpasses all understanding
This kind of love never fails

I wonder what the world would be like if everyone loved like this… Would that leave room for breakups? Maybe it does… Since as humans we are constantly growing and evolving, maybe it’s possible for 2 people to deeply love each other and yet grow apart. I imagine they would amicably part ways while having deep appreciation and gratitude for the moments shared.

Heck, I imagine that this can also apply to other types of relationships as well.  To be able to have differing opinions on things and simply agree to disagree with no hard feelings… Hmm, what a concept…

I imagine in a world where people loved like this there would be no need for wars. Countries would celebrate each other’s differences and have peaceful exchanges between each other. Poverty would most likely not exist. Governments, loving their peoples unconditionally, would see to it that all resources are fairly distributed and that all needs are met.

Taking it to the next level, I also imagine that people who love unconditionally would take greater responsibility for their environment. I don’t believe it would be necessary for all people to become vegans (though that would be great for the animals – one less predator to worry about), but I imagine that people would treat animals and the earth with more respect.  Even in nature, I believe animals are born knowing that they are either predators or preys.  Yet, I imagine there exist a certain level of respect between the animals. It’s like an unspoken understanding that it’s not personal, only survival.

Wow, in all my imaginings, I forgot that I have to get to work. My bosses have been extremely awesome to me and I have every determination to keep reciprocating the same level of awesomeness back to them.

Anyhow, this been my take on unconditional love. Anyone care to join me in putting this into practice? 🙂

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1 comment

Hamming July 21, 2009 - 3:00 am

Personally, I don’t believe in unconditional love. However, you made a good point that if everyone loves each other, this world should be more peaceful.


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