Second Life – What’s it all about?

by Natasha

As I mentioned on my About page, I’m a proud member of SL (Second Life). I joined in December of 2005 and haven’t looked back since. What makes SL cool is that it is about 98% user created. What this means is that your experience can be different each time you log in. Now to be real, SL is not perfect… it was never meant to be. I’ve heard talk that many believe that theres is a risk of getting addicted to it, but um… isn’t that the same risk with all Virtual Worlds? Like I told a buddy of mine recently, if people remember that SL is not a game, but another way to interact with people online, then I don’t think addiction would be an issue.

Ok, now that I think about it, I can see how many can think that SL is addictive. Being that there is so much creative freedom and things to see, many who first join don’t know where to begin. Should they learn to build? Should they go site seeing? Or what about the clubs or different events… so many to choose from! Oh and let’s not forget the fact that you definitely want to look your best, so shop ’til you drop!

Hmmm, ok I take it back, Second Life can be a bit addictive at first. So here’s what I can do for you: Once you sign up, look for me inworld. My name in SL is Princess Pierterson. See that pretty girl in the pict to your left – that’s how I currently look inworld. I own an art gallery there called “Princess’ Original Art Gallery” that showcases some of my artwork and designs. I am also a Top Model with one of the premier Modeling Agencies in Second Life called ASpiRE! Modeling Agency. In addition, I host a radio show called “The Voice” with CIO of ASpiRE!, Trina Noland every Thursday nights at 9 pm Eastern (6pm SL time) . So now you have multiple ways to get in touch with me. If you find that you’re having a hard time remembering to log off, I’ll be more then happy to send you little reminders If I’m online. 😉

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