On Being… Part 2

On Being Afraid Panic. Tears. Breathless. Heart Racing. Head Spinning. Timeless. Running Away. Standing Still. Helpless. On Being Grateful Joyful. Excited. Thankful. Thoughtful. Encouraging. Loving. Gracious. Compassionate. Appreciation. On Being in Love Friendship. Crush. Attraction. Trust. Passion. Satisfaction. Soulmate. Lover. Companion.

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A Helping Hand

The following post touched me and so I’ve decided to repost it here. Any help you can offer would be much appreciated. ——————————– From Angela Stokes’s Blog ——————————– Are you familiar with the world of ‘RawBabyAlex’ and mum Melissa Gilbert? If not, Melissa has been documenting her raw food baby’s progress online for quite some… Continue reading A Helping Hand